10 Fictional Places You Only Wish You Could Visit IRL

As I mentioned in my last post... I've got the travel bug bad. List all of these literary places that I really do wish I could live, DID NOT HELP. You might not ever hear from me again after this, because if I find a way to go, I'm going! Siyonara. Hasta la vista (except I won't, see you later I mean).

#1 Hogwarts, Harry Potter series

foundersofhogwarts.tumblr / Warners Bros Studios

If you say you're not still waiting for your Hogwarts letter, you're lying. I would accept in a heartbeat if my snowy white owl swooped down with mine. Hogwarts Express here I come!

#2 Elven realm, The Lord of the Rings series

rebloggy.com / New Line Cinema

Now, keep me away from all things Mordor and creepy McCreepton, and the Shire and Hobbiton are all that is nice and great, but, let's be real here, the elves are who I'd want to stick with. 

#3 Narnia, the Chronicles of Narnia series

buzzfeed.com / Mark Gordon Company

First of all, such a cool entrance, through the back of a wardrobe. Second of all, I love this series and would absolutely love living in Narnia! 

#4 Camelot, The Legend of King Arthur

giphy.com / Shine Limited

Tell me sitting around the with the Knights of Round Table with King Arthur with his boots propped up wouldn't be awesome? Okay, he probably didn't prop his boots up, but I mean how would we know?

#5 Wonderland, Alice in Wonderland

Alice sure gets into some sticky situations when she's in Wonderland, but it still seems like a magical place with some adventures worth having!

#6 Neverland, Peter Pan

loveforeverythingdisney.tumblr.com / Walt Disney Studios

Neverland would be a wonderful place to visit, like Wendy, but I wouldn't want to stay forever! The Mermaid's Lagoon would probably first on my list!

#7 Atlantis, The Lost City legend

The Lost City of Atlantis? Heck yes I wish I could visit, and the Disney movie about it just made me want to visit all the more!

#8 El Dorado, The City of Gold legend

kuroneko449.tumblr.com / DreamWorks Animation

The Lost City of Gold is one of those legends (like Atlantis) that just never dies... people continue to believe and hunt it down despite all evidence to the contrary. There's something about this that I just love; and if it existed, I would absolutely want to go for a visit. One Golden Ticket please!

#9 Metropolis, Superman comics

I've always been a fan of Superman, and if the real Metropolis and Superman and Krypton were places to visit, I'd want to go! Lois Lane be darned.

#10 Emerald City, Wizard of Oz

collegemagazine.com / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

The Emerald City would be mesmerizing, wizard or no wizard! Please, please let me visit!!