Getting over Reading Slumps

True Confessions: I have been amiss in posting, but the real confession is that I just haven't gotten into a good book in quite a long time. I've been back posting reviews and trying to do lists, and at some point I just stopped. I stopped posting and I stopped reading!

I think this is something we can absolutely all relate to -- the reading slump is not a new concept! I'm firmly in the middle of my slump and just trying to keep my head above water. 



True confessions: I put off this post for like a week by drawing all of the little comics in this post. Could I have just Googled better pictures? Probably. Was I able to procrastinate this post (and therefore reading even more) by doing this? Why, yes I was. Mission accomplished.

Reading Slumps Are Not a Joke, Jim!

I'm in so deep I can't see the top or the bottom or the way out. Help me. I start books, I like them, I stop reading them. Don't ask me why. I don't have a good reason. I just DNF a perfectly good book because the SLUMP IS A REAL THING. 




Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica!

What have I done to get over my slump, you may ask? I have persevered, I tell you. When one format doesn't work, I would just switch to audiobooks. It's like tricking my brain into thinking I'm not really reading. At least until it figures out that it's a book and then it's another DNF. Reading Slump wins again. 

I decided, after that backfired, I would take pretty pictures of the books I've already bought (quite a lot I thought) for my new instagram. This seemed like a good motivator. But apparently, this has just highlighted how many incomplete series I own. So instead of resulting in pretty pictures, I have instead un-organized my bookshelf into piles and now made a list of books I need to purchase.  ?!?! Opposite of what my bank account needed, I assure you. I'm giving this 0-2 to the Reading Slump. 



Millions of Readers Suffer Every Year!

How can you overcome your slump? Well, I think do whatever works for you. The same thing doesn't work for me every single time (obviously). I have found that a couple of pretty consistent things work for me though:


1. Read a Thriller

It's a lot harder to DNF when you're trying to figure out who the murderer is, right?

2. Read a Short Book

Don't try to "jump" back in with the Count of Monte Cristo. Take it easy, do yourself a favor. Choose an easy one.

3. Re-read Your Favorite Book

Nothing like your favorite characters to get you back in the reading mood! Don't do this too often though because they might get the reading slump taint...

4. Listen to an Audiobook

It's like tricking your brain -- if you do it quickly enough, it won't even realize you're "reading" a book. Perfect solution!

5. Take a Break

And maybe your slump is telling you something. Maybe you do need a teensy bit of a break! Eventually a book will catch your eye and you won't be able to DNF that bad boy and just like that you'll be back. This slump is not forever!