Ready Player One - Book to Movie (#1)


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (review here) is one of my absolute favorite young adult books at the moment, and I absolutely cannot wait for the movie to come out next year. At some point in this process, I've become a little obsessed (read: certifiable) about it. So, for those of you who, like me, have been gathering the breadcrumbs of information so far, I'm going to start a series as information is released and we can fangirl (this is a state of being, not a restriction, guys are always welcome) about it together.

Also, super upset about the release date being pushed to March 30, 2018 because it's so far away


RPO: The Lay of the Land

Director: Steven Spielberg

Of course, we all know Ernest Cline himself must be happy with this director choice. I feel like Halliday would be happy with this choice if he somehow could know from beyond the grave and pages of RPO. I mean, this is a big deal! The biggest backlash from this has been from Spielberg's decision to not include any of Cline's references to his own movies. I mean, on the one hand, I can see this argument: it's a book essentially about how awesome this decade is, and it would essentially be saying look how awesome all of my own movies are. But on the other hand, it's like '80s inception waiting to happen, and I would wholeheartedly vote for this option. However, latest news says there will be some "minor exceptions" to his ban on himself (happy medium, good job Spielberg). 


Casting Call-outs: Wade Watts, Art3mis, Daito, and Halliday

(Lef to Right) Tye Sheridan as Wade Watts, Olivia Cooke as Art3mis, Win Morisaki as Daito and Mark Rylance as Halliday.

There have been several other castings as well (Ogden Morrow, I-r0k, and Sorrento), but these are the biggies so far and I have a good feeling about them. Mark Rylance of course if just phenomenal, I'm not going to give you any rants about his track record, but I'm so excited he's onboard. The whole cast in general is just one exciting add after another and I'm in love (hyperbole? maybe, but I'm okay with it).

 Florian de Gesincourt via

Florian de Gesincourt via


What I'm Most Looking Forward To:

Obviously this changes every time I think about it. When I first learned there was even going to be a movie, I was the most excited about the OASIS. Who isn't excited about that? It's the most epic virtual reality ever and just all around awe-inspiring. But, right now, what I cannot wait to see is the Flicksync. My best friend and I essentially Flicksync our favorite movie to each other as it is, and if this was a real thing, I would absolutely love to be able to do this. 


Other Random Thoughts:

The novel is just chock full of references, first of all, and if I'm being completely honest with myself -- I didn't actually get all of them. I got a lot of them, and I loved the ones I understood. We've got references to video games, virtual realities, '80s pop-culture, geek heroes, movies, music, comic books, books, the list goes on and on. How in the world Spielberg/Penn (screenwriter) are even going to be able to prioritize them, I just don't know.